The PeaceJewel Story


Welcome to PeaceJewel.

Our story can be quickly told. We are addicted to jewelry since day one. Usually it is very expensive or you get bad quality. Our goal was to offer you good quality at good prices. Our products are made of fine materials like 925 sterling silver. They are nice to wear and you could combine them perfectly with your own pieces.

We found some really nice producers which work with us for now and in future. There are no middlemen which means that we get our products directly from the producer and can sell them for better prices than other companies.

Our Collection is growing and we can say that we will offer you more and more products. We are so happy that we could supply you those beautiful pieces and be a part of your lifestyle.


We hope you enjoy our products and love to hear from you.

Thanks for stopping by PeaceJewel

— The whole Team